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Need a loan? Below are some of the items we are interested in.

At East Coast Buy and Sell, we offer a buy/sell agreement for individuals who need cash but don’t want to give up their valuables, basically a buy back loan. It is very simple. A person sells their item and agrees to buy it back. When they do, a service charge is applied to the buy back price, and they get their item back. If you choose not to buy it back, no problem simply let the time pass and your item will be put out for sale.

Unlike other cash lenders, there are no credit checks, we simply ask for photo id and process your wares (items) and give you cash. The process is very quick and discreet.

How it works.

  1. Bring in an Item of Value

Pawn Loans are a great way to get quick short term cash! For the most money, consider items that bring high value such as jewelry (gold, silver, diamonds, coins and watches), Name brand tools, musical instruments and electronics. Please note you must be 18 years or older with a valid government ID.

  1. Choose to Sell or Pawn (Loan) your item(s)

You make the decision if you want to get a loan against your item(s) and come back to redeem them or just outright sell your item(s)!

  1. Value is Set by one of our Associates

A value is determined based on the item or items you bring in!

  1. Redeem the Loan when you want the item(s) back!

When you want your item back, you simply present the pawn ticket and pay the loan amount plus the monthly service charge!

Have a question you can call anytime, we are here for you. Choose from the following locations

Telephone numbers 902-480-7296 and located at 181 Herring Cove Road, Halifax

Telephone numbers 902-407-2932 and located at 70 Lacewood Dr, Halifax

Telephone numbers 705-253-7296 and located at 628 Second Line West, Sault Ste. Marie, ON